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ENGLISH VERSION: The plans of devil in this world

Satan has iniciated worldwide meeting of demons. In his iniciating speech he said:

/The devil never give that, what promise/

The Devil doesn't temptate people until he wants, but until the God permit. (St. Jan Zlatousty)

Good angels can have any influence on our intelect, but not bad. (st. TA I q.76 a.2)


The Devil isn't bad god. He is an angel, which has "broken" glory, because he didn't
come through gate of truth in humble respect to her, but he stood up on his peaks to show
that he will declare what is the truth. He didn't want to subordinate, although he's pretty much
clever to understand that is unconditionaly needed to subordinate to God. Else is not way.

He has decided to fight againts the God and in the end he fights against himself. He makes a pain to himself
and want to injure all, which are happier than he alone. His weapons ?

Devil demons said this: "We cannot avoid to christians to walk into church. We
cannot blockade them to read Holy Bible and recognise truth. Even we cannot avoid them
nor to create confidential relation with his Saviour. Let them so to go into church. BUT
steal them a time that they will not have any time to build the relation to Jesus Christ."

The Devil answers: "That's correct what i want to do by you, avoid them to be in contact in his Saviour and be during whole day
in this life-supporting connection!"

"And how we have do that ?" called demons.

"Make a effort that they will be interested by unimportant things and create a lot of possibilities to engage their mind" devil answers.

NEXT THE DEVIL SPEAKS: "Temptate them to spend, spend and spend and borrow money.

convince their women to go in work and spend many time there and convince men to work six till seven days in week, ten till twelve hours per day
to be allowed to live a hollow life. Avoid them to spend their time with children. When thir families will fall down, espace will not be in their homes
from work stress almost! Have inluence on their minds steadily to avoid them to hear the silent, unobtrusive voice.

Allure them to listen the radio or tape-recorder steadily on ways to still have TV, DVD recorders and computers powered on at homes and supervise
to world music will be played in ever shop, restaurant steadily. That makes a busy of their minds a interrupt their connection to Christ."

Take heed to have a lot of magazines and journals to their drinking of coffee on their tables. 24 hours every day attack their brains with news.
During the drive with car disturb them with billboards.

Fill out their mailboxes with nonsense trumpery, catalogs of products, tips and different news and discount and product offers, gratis services and
false trusts."

In journals, magazines and TV still show slender nice female models to ensure that men will trust that most important of all is external beauty
and to be unsatisfied with their own wifes.

Make a effort to ensure that their wifes are too tired than to love men during the night. Add them to this head pains also! If they will not give
men a needed love, men will begin find her elsewhere. That causes their faimilies will broken very soon.

Give them Santa Claus to allure them from understanding of real purpose of Christmas to their children. Give them easter bunny to avoid them to
speak about His ressurection and might upon the sin and death.

Guide them to be immense even in relax. Make a effort to ensure that they will come back from recreations without power and tired. Engage them to
avoid to haven't time to go in nature and think about creation of God. Send them instead into theme parks, sport actions, games, concerts and cinemas.

In substance make them still and still busy!

And when they meet together to spiritual community, allure them to speak about vain things and to chat to ensure that they will come back to home
with bad conscience.

Fill out their lifes with quantity of good subjects to have'n time to pump a power from Jesus. That's a way that they will be on all alone and
due to this good things they will sacrifice own health and familly.

That was a plan!

Demons will set zealously for task and endeavour to make christians be still more and more busy and engaged and make them to flutter. To bring them to
haven't time to their God and families. To bring them to haven't time to speak with each other about might of Jesus to change their lifes."

Was a devil succeeded in this plan ? Decide alone. Do it mean that be 'BUSY' be slave of devil ? YES !